Reservoir Simulation, Uni Research CIPR

Sarah E. Gasda, project leader

Sarah Gasda is a senior researcher at Uni Research CIPR since 2011 and holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Princeton University, USA (2008). Her main research interests are in modeling and simulation of multiphase flow in porous media. She has worked for over 10 years in the field of geological CO2 storage, with particular focus on the development of upscaled models for large-scale simulation.




Trond Mannseth

Trond Mannseth is a principal researcher at the Centre for Intergrated Petroleum Research, Uni CIPR, in Bergen, and an adjunct professor in applied mathematics at the U. of Bergen. E-mail: His research interests include method development for dynamic reservoir characterization, reservoir monitoring and reservoir simulation. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the U. of Bergen.



AavatsmarkIvar25Ivar Aavatsmark

Principal researcher in the reservoir simulation group at Uni Research CIPR and professor II in computational mathematics at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Bergen. VISTA professor 2004-2009. Previous experience as Chief Reservoir Engineer at Norsk Hydro Research Center in Bergen. Main interests include: Flow in porous media, Reservoir simulation, CO2 storage, Numerical solution of partial differential equations, Optimization.