Department of Mathematics, UiB

Jan M. Nordbotten

Jan M. Nordbotten is a professor of mathematics at UiB. His research is devoted to fundamental challenges in the realm of applied mathematics and engineering. While developing active collaborations within many fields of interest, the core research effort is focused on four main themes: A) Multiscale modeling and simulation. B) Numerical methods. C) Application to real problems of flow and deformation in geological formations. Jan currently holds the prestigious VISTA professorship, a basic research program funded by Statoil ASA through the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (




Inga Berre is an associate professor of mathematics at UiB. Her research interests are mathematical modeling and numerical methods for simulation of flow, transport and geo-mechanics in porous media and the solution of parameter identification problems. Since 2008, Inga’s research has mainly been motivated by achieving better understanding of processes in geothermal systems. Currently, a particular interest is on modeling and simulation of permeability enhancement of fractured geothermal reservoirs, which is also the topic of one of her main research projects, GeoStim.





Eirik Keilegavlen is a researcher in mathematics at UiB, working in the field of applied mathematics. His main research interest is to facilitate enhanced understanding of nature by the development mathematical models for physical phenomena, analysis of the resulting equations, and the construction of numerical solution algorithms for the problems. Eirik’s main focus is on porous media, as this contains problems of high societal importance such as subsurface processes (energy extraction and waste disposal) and biological flow, and also lead to interesting and challenging mathematical problems. However, his research interest also includes elasticity, geo- and hydro-mechanics.